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Imagine a sunny Friday mid-morning and a girl sitting on the top deck of the 142 Magic Bus, chuffed with the retail therapy she had just treated herself to and listening to Paolo’s “New Shoes” on the way to the library. She looks out the window… spots a big billboard with 7 men, all of extreme shapes and sizes, dressed in items from HIGH and MIGHTY. She looks down, looks back up at the next billboard… and BOOM.

By now you probably realise that this impulsive girl was me – this morning – in central Manchester. This picture was the second billboard – twice the size of the first and twice as eye-catching. Needless to say, I have ridiculous amounts of respect for each and every man here. They remind me of the women in the Dove campaign a couple of years ago – all in their underwear, showing what a real woman looks like. The campaign itself (have a read by clicking the link) is so important too, as specialist clothing stores sometimes hold a stigma which I believe makes absolutely no sense in today’s world.

I absolutely love this ad, and no, not just because of the guy on the far right (although he does help the cause!).

Over and Out!


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