Good Kid, Maad City: Week 2

A short but sweet entry….

This week has been quite a different working experience. As Edwin (my boss) headed to Ghana to supervise the latest water project, myself and my fellow intern, Ben, were left to our own devices. This was my first real experience of working independently and having to make my own decisions regarding design, content and organisation.

Unfortunately, the week as well as current week 3 have been cut short due to an unfortunate diagnosis of tonsillitis. Not only has this hindered my work, but also affected my 21st Birthday over the weekend. For those of you who knew me in my school days, you would understand why this is so frustrating. I hate breaking routine due to illness and I would just go into school anyway. However, this time, I’ve had to learn that sometimes things are just out of your control.

Depending on my health, I shall have some more exciting updates soon! It is in times like these that internet technology is a lifesaver!

Over and Out!


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