About me

Sanum. University of Manchester '2013.

The Basics: Sanum Jain. University of Manchester’13 Graduate in BA(Econ) Economics & Development Studies. Currently the first employee of the for-purpose start-up GiveMeTap.

There are many forms of expression… and up until recently, I was quite skeptical about blogs. Why couldn’t people just write in a diary? Can’t they just “facebook it“?. However, this judgement was shoved aside when I read one of my friends blogs about her time studying abroad. As I had also been abroad, and failed to keep an account of what I did, I realised the power of blogs – pictures, words, memories. Facebook is too invasive, twitter is too vague and paper doesn’t proof-read!

As the World gets smaller and her issues get bigger, it is hard to not express an opinion on what is happening around the globe (however uninformed). Recently, I have had many experiences and encounters that have changed my view of things. I have read, watched and heard of many circumstances and issues that have provoked intense emotions. Some of these are as small as my “pet hates” and some as important as gender inequality (increasingly, many of my posts have materialised into this genre). Furthermore, I have increasingly felt the need to write these things down. They are too valuable for me to forget and too broad-ranging to remember. They constantly remind me how much I regret not applying for my University paper.

So to conclude, here is my very own blog. My spelling is awful, my views may be one sided, but it is exactly what it says on the tin – A dose of personal whim.

Note: The views I express are my own, unless referenced. Please do not reproduce/edit/use any of the material on my site. I do not intend offend anybody through my personal whims, however if you are hurt, click the little “x” in the top right-hand corner and that should sort you out. Haters’ gonna hate, huggers’ gonna hug.


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