REBLOG: The tragic irony of Censorship

I stumbled across this brilliant blog post today about American gun law. It provides the perfect example of how the “Free World” is one of the biggest hypocrisies on this planet. Had I not stumbled across my ImageOfTheWeek today, this would have definitely made the cut!


Over and Out.


A new publicity campaign from the ‘Moms demand action for gun sense in America’ project has struck chords. One image has reached viral status on Facebook and other social networking sites over the past week. The haunting photograph depicts two girls, roughly 9 years old, sat cross-legged in a classroom with an American flag hung dutifully in the corner. Writing above the two girls reads ‘One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them.’ The girl on the left holds an illustrated copy of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’: the staple children’s tale of a wolf, a grandma and a girl. In stark contrast, the girl on the right sits devoid of emotion; however, with impeccable posture, she grasps a semi-automatic assault rifle, her fingers resting loosely over the trigger.

”Meticulous attention to protecting irrational, incredulous and irreversibly damaging firearms rights presents a multitude of tragic ironies.”


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