Review: Danny Ladwa performs at Google Campus, London

As featured in Nada Brahma: The World Is Sound.

Last week, standing near the back of a crowded, lower ground room overflowing with inquisitive minds, was when I discovered vocalist and beat boxer, Danny Ladwa. This review is not of the latest EP, an underground record or must-buy album, but it is an appreciation of his live performance and how it made a huge impact on many people in that room.

By day, Google Campus in Old Street is home to a cluster of tech wizards and ambitious entrepreneurs hoping to make their mark on the world. By night, the same workspace area is used for events and conferences. At an event about social entrepreneurship and changing the world, the last thing I expected was to witness a live beatboxing gig, yet Danny performed as the introducing and concluding feature of the night…

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Danny Ladwa review featured in Nada Brahma

Review: “0” EP by Shunya [as featured on Nada Brahma: The World Is Sound]


I’d  love to share with you all my latest Review on Nada Brahma: The World Is Sound, which is also my first music review to date. Shunya is a great artist from ‘Down Under’. Check him out on:

Shunya (a.k.a Bal Singh) has taken on the realm of fusion with his six track EP, 0 [Zero], on Bossman Records. Recently discovered on the Melbourne music scene, Shunya has shared with us a range of experimental eastern vibes, showing how they can provide a backbone that can transform western genres.” [continue reading…]

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